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Rates are determined on a job-by-job basis, depending on a combination of factors including: the number of colours, how many copies you want of the poster/item, the amount of text, and the inclusion of particular graphics/design elements. Please send an email to Laura at, including as much information as you can about your job request, and she will get back to you with a quote and/or whether it's something she's able to do or not. Typically, at least a month's lead time is needed on most projects. 


ARE YOU A MUSICIAN? Letterpress posters make great merch! If you are a musician/in a band ask me about making gig and/or tour posters as merchandise. You can sell them yourself at shows and make back a profit. Hand-printed posters make for a reasonably-priced artsy keepsake for your fans to take home, and double as unique advertising! 


Laura does both letterpress design/printing, as well as digital design. Digital design tends to have a much lower cost, and a faster turn-around time, as there isn't as much physical labour involved. The digitally designed items will still have that rough "letterpress look", but will be lacking in the feel, smell, and tangible attractiveness of an actual hand-printed item. 

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